Saturday, February 19, 2005

halo 2 battle guide - errata

don't have your copy of the battle guide yet?

errata - mistakes in the first edition that were corrected for other printings
for an update on the content, refer to the halo 2 battle guide - addendum

1. one of the zanzibar maps is missing an important weapon. there should be a sniper rifle shown at the "camp froman" location - if you're standing on the sea wall looking at the giant wheel, camp froman is the low platform on the left side of the map. it is marked with a sign. (page 178, zanzibar ground level map).

2. on page 54, there is a "practice tip" that includes this sentence "For example, use 400% health and no shields."

this made sense for halo 1, but in the halo 2 options, there is a change in the terminology. instead of "400%" it should read "Damage Resistance". however, I find that the best way to play this variant is to simply turn off shields and give everyone Magnums. this is also cool because of the 'John Woo' style action.

even at close range, the Magnums will take down someone with six body shots - but only one headshot. for extra variety, you can include Battle Rifles or Covenant Carbines.

3. on page 144, there is a map of Headlong. the Overshield on the right should actually be an Active Camouflage.

4. on page 152, there is a map of the top level of Ivory Tower. instead of a Beam Rifle, there should be a Sniper Rifle in this diagram.

5. the map of Ascension on page 116 should show Plasma Grenades at the base of the lower sniper perch.

6. both Coagulation powerups (shown on page 132) alternate between Active Camouflage and Overshield.


Nedge said...
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Nedge said...

For #2, I have not been able to build this variant. Under the "Player Options" for Slayer variants there is an option that allows you to take the shields off, however, there is no option for "Maximum" health. The closest there is to it is the "Damage Resistance" option, but even with it on it only takes two non-headshots to kill another player; and there can be an indefinite delay beteen the shots.

Stephen Cawood said...

I've updated the post. I'm not sure what weapons you were using, but Magnums work great.