Monday, March 21, 2005

best Halo 2 mods

here are my favourite Halo 2 mods. as there is only one version of Halo 2 right now, these are obvious Xbox mods.

My Hardware
Xecuter 3 chip from xbox-modchips
although I would have like to have seen some documentation come with this chip, I have been more than satisfied with the hardware. I recommend this chip (and this retailer).

General Mods
by Aztec
this mod allows you to 'fly' around the map and watch other people fighting. although you cannot participate in the fighting, this is a fun mod to use. while in spectator mode, your HUD is much simpler, you get a more subtle motion detector, and no weapon or ammo data cluttering up your screen. if it weren't for the Blind skull, I would use this mod for screenshots.

Map Mods
The Hive by MrMurder
Undeadlong by MrMurder
Bluenight by GTJuggler

Modding Apps
Encryptomic Signature by Iron_Forge
ADI by The Swamp Fox

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