Sunday, June 05, 2005

travel/SCUBA - LA and Catalina Island

if you are in L.A. and you're even remotely interested in architecture or art, you should visit the Getty Center. the building alone is worth the visit.

my wife and I also visited Catalina Island. the island is privately owned by the Wrigley company. which makes me wonder, how much gum does one have to sell to buy an island?

the island is great and I highly recommend that you visit. but if you do get the chance to go, try and spend at least one night on the island. it seems that the need to take a ferry (or cruise ship) to the island is enough to keep it from being constantly overrun by tourists. by late afternoon, the island no longer buzzes with crowds. while this means that most shops don't stay open very late, it also means that the island is an ideal location for a relaxing holiday.

while on Catalina, we went diving. I naively thought that the water would be similar to the tropical locations where I have done all of my diving. catalina was the coldest underwater environment that I have experienced. I believe that the water was in the 60's (that's fahrenheit) - so not actually that cold. the disadvantages of the cooler water included decreased mobility, bouancy issues and difficulty when first entering the water. however, once you are about 5 meters down, most of that isn't an issue anymore. the underwater scenery was radically different than a tropical locale. the main attraction was large kelp beds. I'm glad we got to play in the kelp but I think that I've stick to coral :)

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