Sunday, June 26, 2005

X-Canada Day 17 PEI,NS

cross canada wrap-up

we'll be taking the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia and then drive to Halifax. I cannot say enough about PEI. it's an amazingly scenic province.

- PEI potato field

PEI is the setting of the internationally famous L.M. Montgomery stories. the most popular being the Anne of Green Gables books.

- "Green Gables" national park

the house pictured above was originally owned by a relative of L.M. Montgomery and it inspired descriptions that you'll find in her books.

Update: a last minute change of plans has us in a small town called Antagonish. tomorrow we'll make another effort to get to Halifax.

we went for a sunset stroll on a nearby beach. as we were leaving, we noticed that some idiots hadn't put out their beach fire - we toasted some marshmallows before we covered it with sand.

- the last thing a lobster wants to see

update: we recently made it to the Nova Scotia side of the bay of fundy. it's quite a striking place. the beach sand is red and the shoreline is lined with high bluffs. and then there's the tides; the bay experiences the greatest tidal change in the world (about 28 feet). this photo of a Cape Split dock nicely illustrates the difference between the high and low tides.

- Bay of Fundy, the world's highest tides


Anonymous said...

I hope you two have enjoyed the adventure...

Take Care Love, Andrew

Anonymous said...

We are heading to PEI this weekend.
We hope to see the Green Gables house

annfrendly said...

what a beautifull scenery :) At my country we can't plant potato :) but i love potato :)