Monday, June 13, 2005

X-Canada Day 4 Alberta

cross canada wrap-up

today's trip took us from Alberta's capital (Edmonton) to Drumheller and Calgary.

Drumheller is the home of the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is a world-class dinosaur museum.

- the prairie landscape

- one of the many Royal Tyrrell Museum dinosaurs

on the way to Calgary from the museum, we stopped to look at some scenery. we were soon set upon by a pack of prairie dogs (small gophers). they're about as ferocious as an elderly pigeon. however, they did nip at my shoes and I got some fantastic shots of the little creatures.

- they look innocent at first

- but then they start to plan

- and they call in reinforcements

- then they start getting rowdy

- and soon you have a standoff

we're now in Calgary visiting with friends. tomorrow we'll set off across Saskatchewan.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, these look like ground squirrels (maybe Franklin's). Prairie dogs are larger, stouter,much more tan, and have very short, non-bushy tails. I hope this does not disappoint you! I'm not sure why these were so tame, though- usually all these rodents dive underground in the presence of anything that looks like it might incorporate them into the food chain.