Sunday, December 11, 2005

video game awards for actors 2005

I was watching Spike's video game awards yesterday and I couldn't help but notice that when people started trotting up to accept the awards, I wasn't able to spot anyone who actually developed a video game. I'm a fan of Spike tv, but I think that they need to reavaluate some aspects of the VGAs.

maybe they need to hand out some awards to celebrities just to boost their ratings, but this was over the top. if you compare the Oscars (probably the most prestigious award show) to the VGAs you'll see what I mean. instead of giving the award for the best movie to an actor, they give the award to the producers. when Spike gave out the award for best individual sports game, tony hawk accepted the award. I seriously doubt that tony managed the project or coded the engine in his spare time.

when a game developer did actually accept an award for God of War, I wondered if I was being too critical. but then it occurred to me that the reason this happened is that GoW might not feature any celebrity voices. it seems that spike painted itself into a corner where they actually had to give out hardware to someone who works in game development.

I gave up on the show at this point, so I didn't see some of the awards that seem like they should belong in a show about video games. I hope that whomever accepted the awards for things like best graphics was actually involved in the development process.

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