Thursday, February 02, 2006

Halifax's meteorological bomb

yesterday, maritime Canada was treated to a storm described on the news as a "meteorological bomb." it brought along a decent sized snowfall, some impressive winds and - the always enjoyable - high storm surge. this winter has been incredibly mild so this storm was fun. after hearing so many stories about Halifax snowstorms, I felt as though I would have to see one before I could call myself a local.

Halifax Snowstorm
- the street outside my house

BTW - one of the reasons that these cars are so badly buried is that they aren't supposed to be there. Halifax has strict parking rules precisely because the snowplows need to be able to do their work. I've been sick so I was awake at 3am when the plow came by and piled up the snow behind the rear car. I think that the plow drivers enjoy doing their best to impart the value of obeying the parking regulations.

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