Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Halo 3 an RTS?

there have been a few rumours flying around that Halo 3 will go back to the original vision of Halo and come out as an real-time strategy game (RTS). I first read about this in a post written by someone claiming to work for bungie. most people dismissed his comments as ludicrous. however, the rumour has resurfaced on for now, I'm going to focus on the RTS rumour and I'll ignore the comments about Halo 3 being a role-playing game or a massivaly multiplayer online game.

first of all, I'm a big fan of RTS games. ever since Command and Conquer, I've enjoyed playing these time-sucking games. therefore, I would love to see bungie create an RTS. however, if Halo 3 is an RTS then it isn't Halo 3.

as every Halo fan knows, Halo 2 did not finish in a satisfying fashion. the only way to properly wrap-up the story is to create another first-person shooter (FPS). so the real question is whether bungie is hoping to jump the shark by creating some sort of FPS/RTS hybrid.

I don't believe that this would be a good use of their talents and resources. no matter how well they adapted Halo, the fan base will not be satisfied until they can properly finish the series. many people objected to the Halo 2 switch between the Master Chief character and the Arbiter. imagine the objections if Halo 3 isn't an FPS.

I'd like to think that these sorts of rumours are just a marketing trick that bungie has pulled out to keep people talking about Halo 3 during development delays. if bungie produces anything other than an improved FPS, they will be doing it for their own interests - not in the interest of Halo fans.

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