Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SharePoint Connections 2009

SharePoint Connections 2009 was in Orlando Florida at the Grande Lakes JW Marriott. despite numerous news reports which suggested otherwise, I was not attacked or even slightly eaten by rampaging Burmese pythons.

the SharePoint connections show is a subset of dev connections. also included in the same show is Visual Studio connections, ASP.NET connections and SQL Server connections. not surprisingly, the 500-600 attendee count was smaller than previous years. it will be interesting to see how the current economic kerfuffle is going to affect the attendance at shows such as Microsoft TechEd and the Microsoft SharePoint Conference. (note: my list of 2009 SharePoint conferences.)

I managed to get myself pretty ill, and I was only in town for two nights, so I was shockingly lacking in any social time and I don't have any interesting photos to share. however, on the plus side, we did have quite a few people come by the Metalogix booth to talk about selective restore for SharePoint--as well as our migration, upgrade and archiving products for SharePoint.

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