Monday, May 17, 2010

SharePoint Community Hall of Fame

The goal for this post is to provide links to the most interesting things that have been done in the SharePoint community. Please send your nominations to @cawood on Twitter.

Let’s get going—envelope please!

Best SharePoint Jingle

Bamboo Solutions web parts for SharePoint by therockcookiebottom

Best SharePoint Jokes

Check Norrie SharePoint jokes by SharePoint Comic

Honourable mention: Top 20 SharePoint Pickup Lines by The SharePoint Hillbilly

Best SharePoint Social Activity

Andrew Connell’s SharePint.


SharePoint Reviews posted an article about SharePint. Here are some SharePint logos.

Best SharePoint Ad Video

Microsoft Russia video explaining the benefits of SharePoint

Note: I think this was created by Microsoft Russia, but someone can correct me if that’s not true.

Best SharePoint Conference Contest

SharePoint Shooters custom Xbox 360 video game from Metalogix.


- SharePoint Shooters game play

Best SharePoint Conference Giveaway

The Colligo “Share” shirt


- totally posed btw

Best Digital Decorations

SharePoint 2010 wallpapers by SharePoint Comic


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