Monday, August 19, 2013

Installing GoREST on Ubuntu Linux

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GoREST is a useful RESTful style web-services framework for the Go (golang) language. The commands to install GoREST are simple, but there’s more than one step involved. Although, having said that, this post will still be really light, so I’ll have to make sure I write another one soon with some GoREST examples. (Update: I wrote a post with some simple examples: GoREST (golang web services) Simple Examples)

First, you’ll need to install Mercurial so that you can run the “go get” command for GoREST:

$ sudo apt-get install mercurial


Next, run the command to install GoREST:

$ sudo go get

The GoREST install is silent, so you won’t see any feedback.  My advice is to have a simple Hello World style example ready to go, so you can test your GoREST install.

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