Tuesday, May 10, 2005

next generation games

with the release of all three next-gen consoles happening at E3 this month, gamers' dreams are filled with hopes of what the new games will look like.

the Ontario-based developer Digital Extremes has released a trailer for Dark Sector. the impressive video on their teaser site immediately had me wondering what game play would look like. but remarkably, the trailer was created using the engine - it's not just rendered cut scenes. read more about it on GameSpot.

it looks like the next-gen console games are going to live up to expectations. take a look at this shot from a new game. I've been told that this is also taken from the game engine.

I'll be heading to E3 to cover the event for the O'Reilly network. it looks as though there will be no shortage of content coming out of this year's show.

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