Friday, May 13, 2005

Xbox 360 revealed

an MTV broadcast revealed the new Xbox 360 tonight. wow! those new games look amazing - I was glad to see Quake 4 on the list.

I heard the word revolution a number of times during the broadcast, but I don't remember seeing anything revolutionary. although, after visiting the Xbox 360 fact sheet, my excitement was somewhat renewed.

why was I not blown away? PVR. where is the digital recording feature? a built-in Windows Media Center extender just doesn't do it for me - I can go to the store and get one of those for the original Xbox if I really want one. oh and while I'm there, I could also get some wireless controllers. photos and music you say? easy with the Xbox Media Center. in addition, if you have a Windows Media Center, and you're using the built-in Xbox 360 Media Center Extender, then having photos and music on your Xbox is redundant.

will Xbox 360 be a cool machine? absolutely! those next gen games look sweet - but that's evolution.
is it a revolution? hmmm, not sure about that.

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