Thursday, June 09, 2005

cross Canada road trip

with our belongings packed in a 53-foot truck, it's time for us to focus on the fun part of our move to Halifax. here's a map of our potential route across the country.

- click the image for a larger view

unfortunately, I was in a car accident today so our vehicle is a bit battered. this was the fourth time in six years that I was rear ended at midday while completely stationary - there must be something wrong with the way that I stand still when driving.

our current plan includes stops in:

Vancouver, British Columbia (starting point)
Jasper, Alberta (amazing national park)
Edmonton, Alberta (home of the world's largest shopping mall)
Drumheller, Alberta (boasts a large collection of dinosaur fossils)
Regina, Saskatchewan
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Flint, Michigan (setting of Michael Moore's Roger and Me and the one time home of my parents)
London, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI)
Halifax, Nova Scotia (final destination)

Update: see the X-country wrap-up for links to posts about this trip


Anonymous said...

Cool. Looks like a fun trip. I take it you are trying to see the WHOLE country and not just make it there the fastest ;). Anyway, you're going to see a lot. Be sure to blog the price of gas in Wawa, ON - should be a bute, and you'll be needing gas by then. Also, if Maine is really on the agenda, check out Freeport. It's a cool little town and the home of LL Bean. But, you'll need to endure the Aiport Highway back into Canada - not sure what it's like now, but 10 years ago it was dicey (mind you it was the tail end of winter).

Should be a fun trip. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to stop at as many Tim Horton's as you can, take photos and post them on the blog!

Stephen Cawood said...

we'll see about Tim Horton's. I grew up in the West so I don't have much of a nostalgic attraction to Tim's. on the other hand, those Timbits are pretty tasty :P

Anonymous said...

The timbits arent so bad.. after it was bought by americans and all of a sudden the timbits became awful :P I really would like to go to Canada soon :) Really nice.

Anonymous said...

About that timbits comment... ya. anyways america doesnt always have to make the better product, tim hortons is Canadian, and will always be Canadian just with American :( owners. BOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

Ummm, hate to break it to you, but Regina is in Saskatchewan, not Manitoba. Might want to do a little bit more research before you get too lost on the Western Prairies. Safe Travels!!

Stephen Cawood said...

Yup anonymous, that's called a typo--thanks, I'll fix it. This trip happened years ago.