Friday, June 10, 2005

X-Canada Day 1 BC/Alta

this is the first of my entries about my cross Canada road trip. this one is easy since it's about my current home - British Columbia (BC). to get an overview of the entire trip, you can refer to the cross canada wrap-up post.

the capital of BC is Victoria which is located on Vancouver Island. however, the largest city is Vancouver (roughly 1.4 million people live in metro-Vancouver).

here are some photos taken from a cool marketplace area called Granville Island.

- the Burrard St. bridge and downtown from Granville Island. the picture is taken towards the pacific ocean

- the Yaletown section of downtown Vancouver (taken from a Granville Island water taxi)

- the Vancouver aquarium is well worth a visit

since we currently live in BC and my wife has lived here all her life, we will be driving straight across to Alberta on the first day of our travels. our first stop will be Jasper, which is located within the scenic Jasper National Park. hopefully, we'll see some bears, or maybe a moose. oops, I probably shouldn't perpetuate stereotypes of Canada by mentioning moose, but Jasper is one of the few places where you actually have a slim chance to spot one.

drumroll... we did find a moose :) we also saw a black bear, some elk and some deer.

- Jasper moose

- Jasper moose drinking

- Jasper elk

although, it was sad, it was also interesting to see the damage that forest fires inflicted a few years back.

- the far hill was consumed by the fire

- the town of Jasper

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