Monday, January 31, 2005

why start a blog?

well, i've been asking this question for a number of years. i'm launching this particular blog because it's a great way for my friends and family to figure out what i'm doing. in the end, that was the crucial catalyst.

i'm a writer, and I'm currently working on a number of halo related projects. a few readers may be curious about how the books are progressing - i'll try to provide some interesting stories along the way.

if you're not familiar with halo, it's the game that recently blasted its way through all the record books. in it's first day, halo 2 sold over 2.3 million copies. the game has also won a bucket load of awards. just to put this into perspective, during the week it was launched, halo 2 revenue exceeded that of any hollywood movie. halo earned a staggering $125 million in a single day - the $114 million weekend record for movies is held by spiderman.

i've decided to call this blog "geeklit" because my writing has a decidedly technical slant.

Stephen Cawood Geeklit blog surfing Oregon Cannon Beach
- I don't recall whether this was staged or not