Sunday, May 25, 2008

SQL Server service won't start

this problem came up twice this week for two different reasons, so I thought I'd help anyone trying to Google the error message.

the first problem occured when I tried to install Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook. when running the configuration wizard, I would get the error: "Unable to start service: MSSQL$MSSMLBIZ."

when I uninstalled Business Contact Manager for Outlook. it seems that removing the MSSMLBIZ database messed up SQL Server Express. when my machine started, I'd see the error: “SQLDUMPER library failed initialization. Your installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with. Please uninstall then re-run setup to correct to correct this problem.” to solve this issue, I had to re-install SQL Server Express and this required configuring the service again.

to resolve these issues, I changed the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) to run as a local account instead of a network account. to do this, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and find the service.

- click for full-size image

right-click the service, choose Properties and then switch to the Log On tab. once there simply change the "Log on as" option to a local administrator account. this allowed me to start the service, therefore allowing me to install BCM for Outlook and reinstall SQL Server Express.

Friday, May 16, 2008

favourite outlook 2007 feature

I just started using the new Outlook 2007 "Quick Parts" feature and I'm addicted. it's like autocorrect on steroids.

Quick Parts allow you to select anything in an e-mail and save it for later re-use. this is very handy when you are in a position where you frequently need to answer questions.

in this example, I am responding to a question about the log files for the Metalogix SharePoint migration solution called SharePoint Site Migration Manager. my Quick Part contains a text explanation, a screenshot and hyperlinks. soooooo nice.

- selecting a Quick Part to insert into the body of an e-mail. click for better view.

one caveat: when I opened my mailbox on a machine running Outlook 2003, my quick parts were lost.