Tuesday, July 31, 2007

revenge of the kittens

here's a little bit of the damage that my kittens have inflicted lately. one of them isn't put off at all by the "bitter apple" sort of sprays that are meant to protect cords.

the funniest one was the power cord for the vonage modem. she chewed through that and when I replaced it, she chewed through the phone cord -- effectively killing the phone twice in one week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Xbox 360: red light green light

sadly, I've run into a major issue with my beloved Xbox 360. I have been afflicted by the deadly "three red lights" error (read: must send machine to MS). no bejeweled 2 for 4-6 weeks .

although the support person was helpful, they have a computerized voice response layer at the front end. it was pretty frustrating to try and get an actual person... even with them trying to make the computer voice sound hip and using surfer band hold music.

this problem has affected a lot of people. of course, there's no telling who's to blame. it could be a third-party component failure. but it's a black eye for the green box.

- three red flashing lights is the worst-case scenario