Friday, March 30, 2007

AR has arrived

according to a recent article on, mobile Augmented Reality (AR) might be just around the corner. in fact, Technology Review (published by MIT review) has rated AR as one of the top ten emerging technologies of 2007.

the article highlights an effort from the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland. they are working on mobile software that will help users download information about the buildings and businesses around them. for example, after recognizing the Empire State building in the phone's camera, the user can be provided with information about tours.

AR technology is certainly mature enough to support numerous applications. the real question is whether there will be enough public demand to support AR businesses. I believe that this will happen, it's just a question of when.

- this image from the article shows the Empire State building recognized by the Nokia system

I am currently working a book about AR for Pragmatic Publishing. my co-author, Dr. Mark Fiala, has ported some of his AR demos to a mobile phone.

- this figure from my upcoming AR book shows cell phone software recognizing ARTag markers

Friday, March 16, 2007

XNA Game Studio Creators Guide

I'm happy to say that my latest book project is an XNA development guide that I'm co-authoring with Pat McGee from BCIT college. the book covers game development on the exciting new XNA platform.

not only is XNA an amazing new platform, but it also allows anyone to develop games for the Xbox 360. all that is required is an Xbox 360, a PC, and a $99/yr subscription to the Xbox 360 Creator's Club.

the book is called XNA Game Studio Creators Guide and it will be published by McGraw-Hill.

update: the sample code and other files that go along with Microsoft® XNA Game Studio Creators Guide can be found at: (look for the "code" link on the left side, just under the cover image)

thanks to Pat, the forum for the book is here:

- working cover for the XNA Game Studio Creators Guide