Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hive Video - Free Highlight Reel Creator for YouTube is Live!

I'm thrilled to return to blogging after a crazy few months working on my web app for YouTube videos: Hive Video. The Beta is live so head on over and you can create free highlight reels from YouTube videos.

Hive Video is the simple alternative to video editing. Whether you're looking to highlight the best parts of a tutorial, put together the best moments of various videos (e.g., sports), or just create a kid-friendly playlist without comments, ads, or recommended videos--it's easy, free, and doesn't require any install. 

Once you've created your highlight reel or mashup of YouTube videos, you can quickly share the results with a public view URL. Send it via social media, email, or whatever, it's just plain easy.

Check it out! I'd appreciate any feedback.

My GitHub heat map for 2017 tells the story pretty clearly--I started the project in April.

Cawood Tunnel Video GitHub heat map

This new project is under the umbrella of my software startup: Second Marker.

Update: we now support Twitch VOD videos as well.