Wednesday, January 09, 2013

SPC12: Developing apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012

Speakers: Mike Morton, Sean Laberee

This session was an introduction to the new App model for SharePoint and Office. The room accommodated about 3500 people and it was packed.

  • loud cheers from the large crowd for new app dev model experience (e.g., just save and refresh instead of redeploying)
  • the new app model uses 'modern' web dev techniques such as JQuery and knockout.js
  • funny moment: during a demo, a presenter forget to close a quote and many people yelled out from the audience
  • creating web parts is even easier than 2010 visual web parts. (inc. client web parts for office 365)
  • cool that you can 'appetize' existing web apps
  • apps have events
  • use OAuth for security
  • apps can be MVC not just web forms
  • really cool that you can locally debug using a local DB and then deploy to Azure an it will automatically provision SQL Azure DB for you. This uses dacpac under the hood
  • debug uses iisexpress and no app registration is required
  • apps for Office can be packaged somehow to be apps for SharePoint—details pending