Monday, December 19, 2005

prometheus - the future of modding

the Prometheus (prom) application is being developed by the HaloDev team and it is shaping up to be the future of Halo modding. prom is a highly ambitious software project. according to HaloDev team member MonoxideC, “prom will take over and change modding forever. it will support all versions of Halo 1 and 2, and future games based on the same engine/file format. it’s a massive project and has been in development for over a year.”

will prom live up to the hype? it’s a relatively safe bet since the application is being developed by the creators of nearly all of the famous Halo modding applications. the team is led by Nick and currently includes big names such as Grenadiac, MonoxideC, CLuis, JamesD, Kornman, Talin64, rec0 and ViperNeo.

when I first received an alpha of prom, I was impressed with the functionality that the team had already coded. in typical modder fashion, the alpha build was time-bombed and my name was hard coded into the application title bar – a guarantee that I wouldn’t leak the application to anyone.

the tight security is not just to protect prom – a large part of the secrecy is meant to protect Halo. in addition to keeping HaloMods clean of cheater resources, the modding community has gone to great lengths to protect the integrity of the Halo series. for example, the prom team is spending many development hours ensuring that they protect Bungie's IP. a prom user will be able to use Halo content in their Halo mods, but they will not be able to export Halo content and use it for any other purpose. in other words, the HaloDev team wants to allow users to create mods, but they will not allow someone to use prom as a tool for misusing Bungie’s assets.

for more information about Prometheus refer to the HaloDev site.

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