Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My New Gig: CTO.ai

I'm super excited to have taken a new position at CTO.ai--one of the fastest-growing software start-ups in Vancouver. CTO.ai is developing the Ops Platform for DevOps and was recently featured on TechCrunch after closing a funding round with Slack and Tiger Global.

I'm also happy to be back in Gastown. This is at least the fourth software company I've worked at that had a Gastown office, and CTO.ai is literally across the street from the first one--NCompass Labs. Being back in the neighbourhood and working with such a promising team feels new and nostalgic at the same time.

From the TechCrunch article:

CTO.ai lets developers build and borrow DevOps shortcuts. These automate long series of steps they usually have to do manually, thanks to integrations with GitHub, AWS, Slack and more. CTO.ai claims it can turn a days-long process like setting up a Kubernetes cluster into a 15-minute task even salespeople can handle. The startup offers both a platform for engineering and sharing shortcuts, and a service where it can custom build shortcuts for big customers.

“Building tools that streamline software development is really expensive for companies, especially when they need their developers focused on building features and shipping to customers,” [CEO, Kyle] Campbell tells me. The same way startups don’t build their own cloud infrastructure and just use AWS, or don’t build their own telecom APIs and just use Twilio, he wants CTO.ai to be the “easy button” for developer tools.

CTO.ai DevOps Ops Platform example