Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Doom "1" on my Xbox

I got Doom I running on my Xbox today...
<wipes tear of joy from keyboard>
not Doom3, not even Doom2 - the original recipe Doom.

it's all thanks to the good folks who created DoomX. all I had to do was FTP the files onto a modded Xbox and download the shareware version of the original Doom. it even shows that cool DOS command line text while it's loading - which is almost instantaneous on the Xbox. one great addition to the game is that the vibration feature of the controller is enabled. when I get hit with a fireball, I know about it.

it's funny how rarely we go back and play the games that were our favourites. technology just evolves so quickly that we don't have time to throw our old staples a bone.

I doubt that I'll be going through this game on Nightmare! mode, but I'm enjoying the memories that are jumping back with the zombies. remember how the shotgun was the tool of choice for sniping? :)

update: Doom is now available through the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, so you don't need a modded box anymore.

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