Saturday, March 19, 2005

frustrating Halo strategies

my friends and I recently had a conversation about frustrating Halo strategies. in the battle guide I wrote that any strategy is valid as long as it doesn't involve cheating (e.g. standby or dummying). while I still believe this to be true, I think it's also fair to say that gamers are reluctant to play gametypes if someone employs a boring strategy. simply put, if the game isn't interesting then people won't want to play it.

I don't expect anyone to stop using an effective strategy, but I also won't play games that prove to be consistently boring. for example, we tried "Rockets Jugger" with three people on Foundation. The first person to be the Juggernaut quickly realized that he could wait in one of the rooms and blast the other two players before they got anywhere near him.

I don't think that I would consider this a question of 'etiquette'. I wonder if it really boils down to the game type / map. in other words, we shouldn't be focusing on what the players do, but what the game allows. one of my friends came up with an excellent "Lockout King" strategy but then everyone adjusted and it's still an interesting game. that was an example of a strategy that was interesting. so really it's a question of whether the game type allows for a boring - yet effective - strategy.

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