Thursday, April 21, 2005

Halo 2 ver. 1.1

well I've had a chance to play around with the recent Autoupdate for Halo 2. for the most part, I find the changes to be positive. my biggest complaint is something that Bungie didn't change - the plasma sword.

I'm one of the many surprised that there was no attempt to tone down the overpowered knife. when you consider that the range for the sword lunge is farther than the fatal range of the shotgun, it's difficult to argue that the sword is well balanced. if you add to this, the fact that MLG banned the sword in solo slayer games, you have a rapier sharp argument in favour of balancing the weapon.

changes in the update...

first of all, not all of the changes were included in the article. for example, an eight minute time limit was added to the slayer game variant. my buddies and I find this annoying since we'd rather play to a frag count than a time limit. we'll have to create our own variant.

Grenades: the damage of both types of grenades has been increased. plasma grenades are significantly more dangerous. I think that this is a great change because it gives the skilled grenadiers a chance to shine.

Melee Damage: I also enjoy the increase to melee damage; I use the butt of my gun more than most so this should help my game.

Magnum: I disagree with decreasing the damage inflicted by the Magnum - this change deemphasizes a skill move. the magnum weapon was not overpowered - I don't remember anyone suggesting that it was. I believe that this change may have been made to tone down the plasma pistol + magnum combo. this was a deadly dual-wielding technique but the semi-auto magnum required skill and courage to employ. now the risk far outweighs the value and I think that people will simply opt for the 'spray and pray' approach.

Dual-wielding SMG and Plasma Rifle: the SMG has been weakened in this situation. I support the idea of reducing 'spray and pray.

BTW - how is this Halo 2 1.1? shouldn't it be 2.1?

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