Tuesday, May 10, 2005

my last book shared on the net

well there's nothing like being on both sides of the coin to find out how you really feel about an issue. I'm now fortunate enough to be on both sides of the P2P file sharing debate :)

the head of the Halo modding Prometheus project informed me today that The Unauthorized Halo 2 Battle Guide has been scanned and posted on the net. for example, on alt.binaries.e-book.technical.

this puts me on both sides because I occasionally download music. I can do this without issue since I live in Canada and it is legal to download music here. I'm morally comfortable downloading since I'm one of those strange folks who will actually go out and buy the record if he likes the songs that he downloaded.

so how do I feel about my income being affected by file sharing? well, I'd like to think that other people will use my algorithm. if you look at the scans and don't like the book, that's cool. I mean, anyone in a book store could do that. I'm hoping that people that like the book will go out and buy it. besides, it's so cheap :P

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