Sunday, June 26, 2005

X-Canada Day 18 Halifax - Last Day

cross canada wrap-up

this morning we'll be checking out some beaches around Antagonish (Dunns beach) and then we'll be driving the final 2.5 hours to Halifax. we haven't seen much of Nova Scotia yet so this will be a very interesting day.

Update: after stopping for a lobster dinner at Salmon River Bridge (on the way down the East coast), we actually made it to Halifax! I opted out of the 15lb lobster option

- a 15lb lobster named 'Tiny'

the final odometer reading was 5515 miles (8875 kilometers). obviously, we didn't take the most direct route. :)

- a sign that you'll only see in the maritimes

- looking over Halifax

- Halifax jellyfish

- Halifax harbour

- "what are you looking at tourist?"


Anonymous said...

Hey guys...Congrats...9000 km...only 8000km more to Cape Town. I hope the trip went well and you enjoy settling into your cozy home. I think 'cozy' might be a word you use often.

I'm listening to REM and cleaning up my classroom right more day with the kids and then half a day of clean up.

Take Care Love, Andrew

Shannon said...

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