Friday, September 16, 2005

next gen revolution

I wonder if the Sony people are brainstorming new names for their next generation console yet?

yesterday, ran a story about the Nintendo Revolution controller. it's apparent that Nintendo is actually trying to take a bold step with their new system. they are aiming at revolution (like the Rio), not evolution (like the iPod).

Microsoft has announced some interesting new features for their Xbox 360. but the true tie-ins with the "360" name haven't really been announced yet (sorry, I promised them I wouldn't print what they told me, so don't ask).

the upshot of all of this is that Sony seems to be the only player that doesn't have any semblance of a revolution-esque story. sure they've talked about their new "cell" architecture but the only buzz that seems to have come out of that is that developers are worried how difficult it will be to port code to the PS3. since the Xbox will be out first, a number of games will be concieved for the 360.

the good news for Sony is that they have a little bit of time to adjust to what happens with the release of the Xbox 360. just like Microsoft did last time (remember the shipping issues with the PS2?) Sony will have the opportunity of learning from their competitor's mistakes... oh and work on a fresh name.

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