Thursday, November 03, 2005

halo 2 hacks - errata

these are the errors that have been reported for Halo 2 Hacks. if you find something that is not listed in this post, please notify me.

1. on page 19 there is a repeated sentence. (reported by XIU)

"The capture card was connected to the Xbox using the original style High Definition adapter for the Xbox. The capture card was connected to the Xbox using the original style High Definition adapter for the Xbox."

2. the ADI "Raw Data Editor" has always been operational, you just have to have a sbsp, mode, bitm, or snd! tag selected. on page 109, there is an incorrect note that reads "As of this writing, this feature had not been implemented yet." (reported by The Swamp Fox)

3. "Xboxes" should be "Xbox systems." this error occurs in the preface (page XX) and chapter 6 (page 105). it may appear in other places as well.

4. in the credits, "The Swamp Fox" should be "Robert Spychalski (The Swamp Fox)."

5. on page 156 (chapter 8) "Warption" should be "Warpion".

6. on page 103 (chapter 5, hack #49), "continue at its set pace hit the vehicle" should be "continue at its set pace and hit the vehicle." (reported by SkaNCellFonePong)

7. on page 206 (chapter 11, hack #89) the URL to download the Hex Tutorial is out of date. Hex tutorials are available on HaloMods.

8. on page 30 (chapter 2, hack #13) the Envy skull is described; it has been suggested that the Getting Above Delta Halo hack (hack #33) should not be used to get the Envy skull because the skull will not spawn unless you follow the proper map path. although this comment implies that the book wasn't clear enough, this isn't a factual error. the text reads "In addition, if you use the Grunt Birthday Party skull or the Getting Above Delta Halo hack, you will find the first section much easier to complete."

this is accurate because one can skip the first section of the map and still get the Envy skull. if you try to skip everything before the temple, you will not trigger the spawn point for the skull. but you can go around the first building and thereby skip the entire first fight - allowing you to bypass numerous elites and snipers. just make sure that you go down the cliff before the bridge (where you get the scorpion). (reported by aRampagingDuck on the o'reilly network)

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