Thursday, February 09, 2006

Halo 2 PC announced

this is fantastic... not only is Halo 2 coming to the PC, but it's going to be Halo2PCCE :)
(that's Halo 2 PC Custom Edition - a version that modders can play with)

from gamespot:

"If PC users are having trouble deciding whether to move over to Windows Vista, Microsoft's next-generation operating system, when it is released later this year, the fact that the fate of the Earth depends on it may tip the scales. Microsoft Game Studios today announced that it is developing Halo 2 for the PC. "

"The game will be only for Vista, and it's being developed in partnership with the franchise's original developer, Bungie Studios. The PC version will include Halo 2, the bonus maps that came in the Multiplayer Map Pack, and the ability to "build, create, and customize their own multiplayer levels." No release date or other details have been announced. "

here's a cool J Allard quote:

"If only 1 percent of our audience that plays Halo helped construct the world around Halo, it would be more human beings than work at Microsoft corporation," Allard said. "That's how much human energy we could harness in this medium."

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