Wednesday, June 14, 2006

black art of Halo mods errata

these are the errors that have been reported for The Black Art of Halo Mods. if you find something that is not listed in this post, please notify me.

1. viewing your skin - page 112

After following the steps in this tutorial, you will have edited a Halo PC map, so you should run Halo PC to see the changes, not HaloCE as it says in the text.

2. weapon notes - page 202
there are formatting errors in this section. these are actually three separate sections:

ROUNDS BETWEEN TRACERS: How many projectiles it will fire without contrails before it fires one with a contrail projectile.

PROJECTILE IS CLIENT-SIDE ONLY: makes the projectiles created for each player. This allows clients to get a way better idea of what is happening.
Without this checked rockets will not explode for clients - only for the host.

RANDOM FIRING EFFECTS:The firing effects are played sequentially, so firing effect zero is played first then firing effect one. It goes through the entire list before looping. This is used on the plasma rifle so that the flash comes from the upper section every odd shot and the bottom section every even shot (bet you didn't notice that). You can check random firing effects to make them random instead of sequential.

there is one value and two flags within this section. the last one is on it's own, but it doesn't have it's own bold title.

these sections should also have there own title:

If you want to make a gun with two types of fire (e.g. the Banshee or Scorpion) you must check secondary trigger overrides grenade this makes the secondary trigger fired with left trigger and you can either check mutually exclusive triggers to allow both triggers to be fired simultaneously or select a secondary trigger mode

Make sure to check or uncheck cannot fire at maximum age. With this option checked, the weapon is incapable of firing at maximum age. This is checked for all the plasma weapons so that they cannot fire when they have overheated.

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