Saturday, July 15, 2006

apple reneges on lawsuit settlement

I recently received a letter from apple regarding my claim for the early iPod battery issue settlement.

in case, you're not aware, many iPod suffer from issues which have resulted in class action suits against apple. this is one of the reasons that I'm not as enamoured with the iPod as a lot of people.

rather than providing me with the $50 - in apple store credit - that they owe me, they sent a short note to say that I am not eligible for the settlement because I live in canada. that might be one of their loopholes to get out of paying people, but in my case, it's a ludicrous attempt to avoid responsibility.

why? well, it's simple. I bought the iPod in washington state while I was a resident of the US. in fact, I was probably still living there when the class action suit was tabled.

I think the appropriate response will be for me to send them a letter which reads, "nice try."

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