Friday, March 16, 2007

XNA Game Studio Creators Guide

I'm happy to say that my latest book project is an XNA development guide that I'm co-authoring with Pat McGee from BCIT college. the book covers game development on the exciting new XNA platform.

not only is XNA an amazing new platform, but it also allows anyone to develop games for the Xbox 360. all that is required is an Xbox 360, a PC, and a $99/yr subscription to the Xbox 360 Creator's Club.

the book is called XNA Game Studio Creators Guide and it will be published by McGraw-Hill.

update: the sample code and other files that go along with Microsoft® XNA Game Studio Creators Guide can be found at: (look for the "code" link on the left side, just under the cover image)

thanks to Pat, the forum for the book is here:

- working cover for the XNA Game Studio Creators Guide


Northy179 said...

congratulations Stephen, im sure this is something you have been wanting to do for a while, good luck, i look forward to reading it.

Unknown said...

Hey Stephen, I love this book. It's great. I noticed you are a bit of a Halo fan (just a little bit). What's your gamertag? I'd love to play a game with you sometime. You can email it to me at mintz08 [at] gmail [dawt] com.

Anonymous said...

So does it only create games for the 360??Because I was hoping I could just make my own games for PC....and do I really need a subscription for the Xbox 360 creaters club?

Stephen Cawood said...

XNA can be used to create games for Windows (XP, Vista) or for the Xbox 360.

You only need the creators' club subscription if you want to run games on your Xbox 360.

So the answer is No, you don't need it to create PC games.