Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was visiting the office of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia today and they reminded me that I don't have any sort of online CV. so here goes...

Stephen Cawood B.A.
Published Books

Augmented Reality at Home
Author 2008 - Pending
ISPN: 1-934356-03-4
The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC

Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creators Guide
Author - 2007
ISPN: 007149071X

The Black Art of Halo Mods
Author - 2006
ISBN: 0672328046
Sams Publishing

Halo 2 Hacks
Author - 2005
ISBN: 0596100590
O’Reilly and Associates

The Unauthorized Halo 2 Battle Guide: Advanced Combat Techniques
Author - 2004
ISBN: 1592007007
Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: A Complete Guide
Author – 2003
ISBN: 0321194446
Addison Wesley Publishing Company

Recent Articles

E3 2005: War of the Consoles ... Almost
March, 23, 2005 - The O’Reilly Network

Career Experience

Program Manager - March 2002 to October 2004
Microsoft Corporation, Office Server Team
- Managed feature teams through the software development cycle.
- Designed and wrote specifications for various Microsoft Office server features.
- Founder and co-author of the Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) FAQ. The MCMS FAQ is published on (HTML and CHM formats) and contains thousands of developer-focused questions and answers about MCMS.

Web Developer – October 2001 to March 2002
Microsoft Corporation, E-Business Server Group
- Program Manager/Lead Developer for the MCMS sample applications project. Managed, developed and shipped MCMS sample applications.

Team Lead - August 2001 to October 2001
Microsoft Corporation, Product Support Services
- Helped customers, partners and Microsoft Consulting Services personal with MCMS issues.

Team Lead – October 1999 to April 2001
NCompass Labs, Product Support Team
- Researched and resolved technical issues related to the use and development of web sites running NCompass Resolution content management software.
- Developed sample applications using the Resolution Publishing Application Programming Interface. These applications included a bulletin board, a version of John Conway’s ‘Game of Life,’ and a dynamic image gallery.


Awarded these Microsoft patent awards:
- Dynamic Link Control Object (MS#309976.1/M&G#60001.0437US01)
- Version Availability (10/997391)
- Unified Navigation (MS#309421.01/M&G#50037.290US01)


Bachelor of Arts – English Literature - University of British Columbia - 1998
Creative Writing Diploma – Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts – 2007

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