Monday, September 03, 2007

X-Canada Newfoundland

to complete my journey across all of the Canadian provinces, I made it to Newfoundland this summer. here are some highlight reel shots...

- the Bonavista lighthouse. you have to take a picture of a lighthouse or you're not allowed to leave "the rock."

- some great "flower pot" scenery

-hmm, what was this formation called again?

- this is what puffins look like when your telephoto lens is broken. as it turns out, they're quite small.

- Cape Spear, the easternmost point in Canada. it's closer to Europe from this point than Vancouver.

- there aren't any any snakes or skunks on the rock, but there are spiders.

- the village of Quidi Vidi

- the legend goes that Newfoundland fishermen received cheap paint from the government to paint their boats. some wily soul decided that he would save some money by using the brightly coloured paint on his home and the practise caught on.

- looking down at the Atlantic Ocean from Signal Hill in St John's

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