Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SharePoint Migration Manager

a while back, I wrote a short post about a Vancouver software company that I'm doing some work for, Metalogix Software Corp.. they develop sophisticated SharePoint migration solutions and I'm really impressed how much work they have put it since I saw the Microsoft Content Management Server version of their software--their current list of features is impressive. they have three software packages available for migrating to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Website Migration Manager, FileShare Migration Manager and SharePoint Site Migration Manager.

you can click the image below to see what one of their products looks like, and you can also watch some online video demos. SharePoint Site Migration Manager is so good that a lot of people actually use it for far more than just migration tasks. whether you're a dev or a SharePoint administrator, it helps to have such an easy-to-use, flexible and quick utility in your toolbox.

- SharePoint Site Migration Manager (v. 3.4.14) from Metalogix (click for full size)


Anonymous said...

I've used the metalogix SharePoint Migration Manager trial tool and am extremely impressed with its capabilities. Migrating something as simple as a basic document library all the way up to an entire site is a breeze. My organization is planning the migration from a WSS2.0 environment to a WSS3.0. I plan to purchase a license from metalogix. Amazing software.

Taylor Pilewski
Atlantic Inertial Systems

Chris said...

What does such a usefull tool cost? Seems like it would be essential, unless the cost was prohibitive.

Stephen Cawood said...

Yes, it's a great application. But since I wrote this post, I have been working as the dev manager for the project, so I'm a little biased.

I don't work in sales, so I don't have pricing details. You can contact sales@metalogix.net for more info.