Saturday, March 08, 2008

SharePoint Upgrade with Metalogix

after exhibiting at the SharePoint 2008 Conference in Seattle, I came away reassured that the best SharePoint to SharePoint upgrade solution is Metalogix Site Migration Manager.

using Site Migration Manager, our customers are able to simply copy and paste from one SharePoint server to another. it's a user-friendly solution to something that has been traditionally in the hands of the IT department.

- Metalogix SharePoint Site Migration Manager (v. 3.5.4) (click for full size)

as you can see in the screenshot above, you easily open your source server in one pane (in this case SharePoint Portal Server 2003) and the target (MOSS 2007) in another. the content owners can then choose to migrate their content as it appears on the source server, or they can restructure/reorganize elements on the target.

when I attended the conference session about the out of box upgrade, the presenters made a point of stressing the value of a "clean" install. they made it clear that doing an upgrade with the out of box tools can have a significant negative impact on the performance of your server. with Site Migration Manager, you can use a completely new (read: better) server as your target.

Site Migration Manager offers all sorts of features that you won't find in the out of box upgrade. for example, you can merge lists, split lists, move sites, promote sites, and the list goes on (pardon the pun). elements can be copied at the item level, list, or the site level. in the new versions of Site Migration Manager, we have added even more support for site collections.

since 2001, Metalogix has offered best of breed migration solutions--the future is bright for Metalogix as the go to solution for SharePoint upgrade.

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