Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ARTag SDK download

if you purchased the book you can download the Rev2K SDK for Windows, Linux, or MacOSX for free (for non-commercial private use that is) at the following link: http://www.artag.net/sdk_download/artag_sdk_download.php

there is Windows, Linux and OSX code in the SDK and there is more in the book specific download which is available from the AR book page on the pragmatic site: http://www.pragprog.com/titles/cfar (look for the "code" link)


Anonymous said...

Does that mean there is now only a Windows SDK available? I need it on Linux :-( Was about to buy the book, then I noticed this...

Stephen Cawood said...

no, there is code for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

there are two downloads: the book download and the ARTag SDK (which is temporarily unavailable at the original location). both downloads are available--just not from their original links.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,

I searched for ARTGG download and found your artical. I purchased the book last year but didn't download the software at that time. The link of the software download is dead now. Do you have any idea where I can dowload Artag system now?

Many thanks!

Stephen Cawood said...

the ARTag SDK download is currently here:


Kanmani said...

Hi Cawood,

I downloaded ARTag SDK from the given link from your site but when I run a sample program it shows that your AR libraries has been expired. So Please tell me What I have to do or How can I come over from that problem.

Thanks in advance.