Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hail UBC Fight Song

My alma mater has a new fight song. From the UBC grad gazette:

New UBC Pep Song Something to Cheer About

“That UBC even has a pep song – let alone a newly recorded one – may prompt some surprise. University fight songs are rare in Canada, where the tradition isn’t held as dear as in the United States.





At UBC, an older version of Hail UBC that’s been kicking around since the 1930s wasn’t even suitable to be played over the loudspeakers at games.

This proved troubling to UBC associate athletic director Steve Tuckwood and former athletic director Bob Hindmarch, who last year began asking around for a new version of ‘Hail UBC.’” [more]

Listen to the new Pep Song

- UBC’s Cecil Green Park House – where I was lucky enough to get married

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