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SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 Install

There are already some articles out there about installing SharePoint 2010 Beta 2, so I’m not going to write one from scratch. Instead, I’m going to use the most comprehensive one that I could find and blog about my experience. I did start reading articles about installing the new Beta (some are linked below), but I decided it just wasn’t worth trying to start from scratch. I have other things to do—like taking my cat to the vet.

I didn’t have to struggle through the maze of patches and service pack downloads because CriticalPath Training has published a free 47 page installation guide for creating a SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 Hyper-V virtual development machine. One of the best things about this document is that it provides links to all the service packs, hotfixes and cumulative updates that SP 2010 Beta 2 requires. If you’re put off by the weight of 47 pages, don’t worry. The document also includes the installation of the Office 2010 Beta and Visual Studio 2010 Beta. If you don’t need those, you can skip about 10 pages.


You can get the setup guide from the CriticalPath Training website, but you’ll need to register as a member first (also free). After you register, you’ll see a Members link in the top navigation. Click Members and the SharePoint Server 2010 Beta 2 Virtual Machine Setup Guide will be in the list of articles.

For this install, you’ll need to either copy an existing W2K8 R2 (64bit) Hyper-V image or create a new one. SharePoint 2010 requires a 64bit O/S. It can be installed on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 (for dev only).

Note: The virtual hard drive needs to start with at least 12GB (just to install the O/S) and at least 15GB (just to install SQL Server). I’m starting with 40GB, so I’ll see how that goes. Remember to activate Windows, run Windows Update, and change the machine name (if you want) before you get too far into the install.

Next, grab the SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 install (either Server or Foundation) from the TechNet site. Note: WSS is now called SharePoint Foundation. Once you have the download and the key is sent to you in e-mail, your can follow the instructions in the CriticalPath Training setup guide.


Some of these points may be related to the difference between the public download (the option I chose) and the MSDN subscriber download.

1. Typo: On page 8 DWORD (64-bit) Value should be DWORD (32-bit) Value.

2. SQL Install: As per the SQL Server Setup blog, you can ignore the error the SQL Setup error:  “Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle
has been created.”

2. SharePoint Server Install: When I got to page 25 and started the actual SharePoint Server install, I didn’t extract the files first and run PrerequisiteInstall.exe as described in the docs. I simply ran the installer. When I was prompted with the screen below, I chose Install software prerequisites.


3. Farm Configuration: I was prompted for a username and password to access the site. I was not initially asked to participate in the feedback program as mentioned in the install guide. However, the Initial Farm Configuration Wizard threw an error. When I refreshed the page, I was asked about submitting error reports and then the wizard continued.

4. User Profile Service Error: I did, however, get an error during the Farm config:

The service application proxy "User Profile Service Application" could not be provisioned because of the following error: The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:00:19.7128502. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.

This likely happened because I only have about 1.5GB of RAM allocated to the VM. For now, I’m just going to move on and not worry about it. I have another server on order that will allow me to up the RAM to the recommended 4GB.

The web application creation confirmation screen reads “SharePoint Foundation” web application has been created. Obviously, Foundation is the platform, but it seems funny to have that wording if Server is installed.

5. Site Collection Creation Typo: The text for the primary Site Collection Administrator on page 36 reads WINGTIP\SP_WorkerProcess, but the screenshot shows WINGTIP\Administrator. The admin account is the correct one.


6. Page 40 Typ0 and getting SharePoint Designer 2010: “SharePoint Designer 201” should obviously be “SharePoint Designer 2010.” The guide seems to imply that SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta is provided with the Office 2010 Beta; this isn’t the case. If you are an MSDN subscriber, you can get the SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta from MSDN. If you’re not a subscriber, you may be able to get a SharePoint Designer 2010 trial download.

Thanks to the CriticalPath guide, I saved a bunch of time getting SharePoint 2010 Server Beta 2 running.

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