Saturday, February 26, 2011

Microsoft MVP Summit 2011

I’m currently in Vancouver and tomorrow I’ll be making my way down to the Seattle area for the Microsoft MVP Summit. Last October, I received an MVP Award for Microsoft SharePoint, so this is my first visit to the summit.

Unfortunately, for my blog, everything at the summit is under the umbrella of the MVP non-disclosure agreement, so I won’t be able to blog or tweet about the content of the sessions.


As usual, I’ll try to find time to meet up with my former colleagues in the area, but I’m really looking forward to the summit itself. The main keynote speaker is Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft. I once lost $10 because a friend bet me that I’d speak to or shake hands with Ballmer or Gates within a year of starting work in Redmond. I bumped into Ballmer backstage at a Microsoft conference in New Orleans and I was $10 the poorer.

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