Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supplement to SharePoint Taxonomy Series

Ken Efta, writing for http://blog.allyis.com, has kindly mentioned my SharePoint Enterprise Metadata Management (SharePoint Taxonomy, Managed Metadata Service [MMS]) blog series in his post on the topic.

Also, Ken has touched on some aspects that I didn’t cover, so I’d like to return the favour. In his post, Managed Metadata Services and Term Sets in SharePoint 2010, Ken covers topics such as Localized Term Sets, Term Synonyms, and Using Terms Sets as part of Content Types (via the Managed Metadata Column).

Here are the links to my series:

SharePoint Taxonomy Part One – Introduction to SharePoint Managed Metadata
SharePoint Taxonomy Part Two – End-User Experience
SharePoint Taxonomy Part Three – Administrator Experience
(including Using SharePoint Term Stores and SharePoint Taxonomy Hierarchy)
SharePoint Taxonomy Part Four – Developer Experience
(including SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Parts and SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Reference Issues)

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