Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Enable SharePoint Document Sets in Office 365

This still requires a number of steps, so here’s the rundown:

This first key point is that this feature is only available to Office 365 Enterprise plans. If you’re not sure which plan you’re on, check with an admin.

Note: You must be a Site Collection Administrator or a Site Owner to create or configure Document Set content types.

- Creating a new document set

1. Enable Document Sets for a site collection

2. Create a new Document Set content type

Note: you don’t need to worry about the “Configure or customize a Document Set content type” unless you actually want to customize something.

3. Create a new instance of a Document Set


After you create and configure a Document Set content type, you must add it to the library where you want users to create their Document Sets.

To do this, go to Library Settings > Content Types (section) > Add from existing site content types

- adding the new content type to the site

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