Thursday, July 10, 2014

MVPs and the Evolution of Windows

I’ve been mentioned on the Microsoft MVP Award Program blog. The post is about MVPs and the evolution of Windows.

From the article:

For more than two decades, MVPs have been on the forefront of helping people around the world make the most of their Microsoft technologies, including its centerpiece, the Windows operating system, from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1 and all the releases in between. Today, with Microsoft’s new rapid release cadence, their expertise is more important than ever…

In Canada, five MVPs produced guidance for the Windows XP End of Life campaign. Here are some highlights:

Brian Bourne | Windows XP End Of Support – Mitigating the Security Concerns
Yannick Plavonil | Chères entreprises, réveillez-vous Windows XP c’est fini dans un mois!
Sean Wallbridge | I Love My Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1
Colin Smith | XP End of Support – Do You Need New Hardware?
Stephen Cawood | Windows XP End of Life Is Coming

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