Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Breakpoints not working in VSCode with Unity 2021.3.16f1

I'm currently using the LTS build of Unity (2021.3.17f1) and Visual Studio Code (VSCode) to develop a 2D game with my kids. I'm using VSCode because I use it for pretty much all my development. I hope they reverse their decision and properly support it for Unity in the future.

When I first set up the project, breakpoints were working fine in VSCode. I'm not sure what broke along the way, but here I am a few days later and the debugger isn't working. I had to reinstall Mono at one point to solve the common VSCode issue that the project doesn't load properly.

Here's what I had to do to get it working (see the initial setup link below). First, I clicked on the "Run and Debug" icon in VSCode, then I choose "create a .json launch file." After this, VSCode prompted me for which debugger to use. Of course, I chose "Unity Debugger." After that was all done, I clicked on Run and Debug in VSCode and the debugger started and attached to Unity. Finally, I switched to Unity and either enable debugging for the session or for all projects. At this point, there was a small green bug icon in the bottom right of Unity. After the scripts were compiled, I ran my game from Unity and the debugger was able to hit my breakpoints.

Here is the documentation page for this setup: Visual Studio Code and Unity. I had already installed the Unity Debugger and C# extensions the first time I got it working. I also came across a YouTube video of the VSCode for Unity setup.

Searching around, I naturally found a tonne of suggestions to fix this problem. Here are some of the suggestions I found that did not help with my setup:

  • Reboot and restart Unity and VSCode
  • Import all assets. Assets > Reimport All
  • Close VS. Delete Assembly-CSharp.csproj and Assembly-CSharp-Editor.csproj (this file wasn't in my project) in your project folder. Open VS.
  • Editor Attaching enabled in External Tools. This option doesn't exist in my version.
  • Delete all .csproj  and .sln files and regenerate them.

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