Sunday, February 20, 2005

hx of video games

strongbad's brilliant summary of the history of video games triggered memories of my own journey through the ever evolving arena of vid...

here are some highlights of my personal history:
2004 - halo 2, a game that i can write about all day and still feel the desire to play on xbox live at night
2003 - a good buddy brought a Robotron 2084 machine to our Microsoft office. this is just the sort of game I enjoy - trying to survive the chaos of stuff swarming all around.
2002 - halo 1 which brought me back into the fold. before Halo, I hadn't played much of any game since command and conquer.
1997 - created quake 2 maps of my university dorm.
1996 - played copious amounts of command and conquer.
1995 - played a lot less and turned my attention to creating doom wads.
1994 - played far too much doom.
1989 - what was the name of that arcade game in magda's at ubc? it was about commandos and you could jump in jeeps or tanks. it will come to me...
1986 - went back to the arcade for some 1941 action. I loved having dozens of objects on the screen at the same time.
1985 - enjoyed the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy text based game.
1984 - received my first console as a christmas present, it was a colecovision. got hooked on dragon's lair.
1983 - played lots of rescue raiders on my buddy's Apple IIe.
1982 - enjoyed insane amounts of armor attack and cosmic avenger at the arcade in the mall. armor attack was the best price to gaming ratio of any arcade game. on one quarter, it was possible to play for hours.
1981 - saw Pong for the first time. get your own copy of Pong and try it out :)
1980 - typed various games into the 1kb memory of a Timex Sinclair 1000.

- the Timex Sinclair 1000 (it uses a black and white tv for a monitor and a cassette tape machine to store data - the module at the back is the optional 64kb memory add-on)

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