Thursday, April 14, 2005

Halo 2 Hacks - full credits

I want it to be perfectly clear that Halo 2 Hacks has been a community effort. With that in mind, here is a brief thank you message to everyone who was involved. The book was made possible through the generous help of all of these people. I am greatly thankful for all of your hard work!

BTW - I have made every effort to give credit where it is due. If anyone feels that I am guilty of an error or omission, please contact me so that I can correct the mistake.

Big thanks go to Brian Jepson (my editor at O'Reilly) and Neil Salkind (my agent from StudioB).

Opening thanks:
I'll start by thanking Alex Schwartz (GTJuggler) for not only contributing content, but also for helping to shape the concept of the book. Ken Masters (MrMurder) provided a great deal of information about modding and has been a tremendous resource. I want to thank Jim Cleary (Grenadiac) for putting me in touch with so many expert modders in a short period of time. To Iron_Forge and The Swamp Fox, thanks for helping this n00b get through the basics.

I want to thank Kahai Maluu (Jeff Chavez) for providing so much content that I can't use it all - and thanks for meeting me on Xbox Live to show me a proper slide jump. Patrick "PC" Chin was, once again, responsible for a great number of the screenshots in the book - thanks man.

Thanks to the modders:
Although, a number of other modders helped out (see below), I want to say a special thanks to Aztec, Chris Morgan (c2morg), Northy, Gabriel da Cruz (Gabs), Steve Hansen (XIU), and pokecancer.

I also want to thank these people for their contributions:
pimpinhobo528, Underdog ,ZENON, Jefff Nelson, Twelve Large, Cody Miller, Travis Smola (Tsmola), Richard Shields, Danny Youssef, Weaselfang, Corey Johnson (theneighborrkid), Mitchell Lindle, John Alexander Williamson (Shinoda), Mark Fischer (Danishviking,, Sebastian Belfiore (Fatal Reaction), Ian Jablonowski (trip7), Malloc, Max Kielcz (Rampaging Soda), Dark Helmet, Jeffdude1169, Scotty GEE, D-uK, Salvage, and TheGoldeagle.

Web site resources:
Jeremy Hunt (Ducain), Claude Errera (Louis Wu) and Jim Cleary (Grenadiac) your sites rule!

Sites that were helpful:

Modded hardware support was provided by Modman860 (

The following people helped with technical review and editing:
Claude Errera, Christa Peters, Patrick "PC" Chin, Scott Fynn, Rasool Rayani, Bruce Clarke, and Nick Cairns.

I'd also like to thank these people for their work in the Halo community scene:
ADI team, Ch2r team, DotHalo team, The Fantastic 6, 7th Sanctum, Re-Animators INC., Daz, Nick, greennc, Group Bocked, Stephen Loftus (SoundEffect), Kai, Acidflash, Dootdoo, Mr. Mojo Risin, 9wt, Frogblast, StarMan343, denki, Martin Wright, Aequitas, Some Random Guy, Mrhyperpenguin, scott_man328, link_36p, zulux, Vjay8088, xbox7887, Goku, bitterbanana, and Angry Camel.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen, i was just hoping that you could include our simgames website in your website credits, because use did watch some of our vids and they were all on our website. If you could do that it would be great, and a boost to my clan ICON.