Monday, April 11, 2005

interview on Urban Rush

today I went to Vancouver's Shaw Tower for an interview on Shaw TV's show Urban Rush.

I was their first ever guest in the "nerd news" segment. we chatted about Halo 2 and writing books about Halo. I even brought in some videos that I shot for O'Reilly's Halo 2 Hacks.

I'm a fan of the show so I was thrilled that they invited me. I greatly enjoyed meeting the Urban Rush team - the hosts, Fiona and Mike, were really friendly and joked around the whole time. in fact, the whole experience was positive. thanks go to their producer Lisa for organizing the whole thing.

they film the episodes the same day that they air, so I can already share a still with you (ya gotta love the digital VCR) ...

- Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford (right) from Urban Rush

update: you can download a low quality version of the interview

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Stephen Cawood said...

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but just for you, a new frame :P