Tuesday, May 17, 2005

blogging from the O.C.

you've just registered for E3, what are you gonna do now?
I'm goin' to Disneyland! :)

- Disneyland is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year

but it wasn't all fun today. I actually did manage to get to the E3 expo. since I know that that you're all wondering... a tuna fish sandwich at the L.A. convention center cafeteria costs $7.50.

I won't comment about the E3 booths until I see the final setup tomorrow. one company obviously had the most high-profile advertising and another was surprisingly subtle. I'll see tomorrow if this is the final setup for the show.

not surprisingly, movie-to-games and games-to-movies are rampant. examples include the Narnia game, the path of neo, revenge of the sith, the godfather, king kong and a nightmare before Christmas game.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Have fun down there. I was at the exact same location with the background about 3 weeks ago.

C U soon ...